AkiTommichan was the beta-reader for Chlorine Grown Roses from chapter 7 onwards, until an argument broke out between her and Kim, causing her to either be removed from the position or causing her to quit. She used to be in college studying Philosophy but she dropped out due to being stressed.

Projects Edit

Morganite Edit

A Steven Universe fan fiction about a human girl named Morrigan turning into a gem, changing her name to the titular Morganite, and the various dangerous adventures that ensue. The story has currently 16 chapters.

Blackest of Nights Edit

A Black Butler fan fiction about Taro Redgrave, a young thief, seeking out Ciel Phantomhive in order to return something precious to him. It currently has 11 chapters.


See the drama section on character-critique-central's entry.

As of July 25th Akira is no longer the beta-reader for CGR due to an argument with Kimmy. The argument can be read here

Trivia Edit

  • Her real given name isn't known
  • Akira is based on her and even shares her online name
  • even though she hates CCC with a burning passion, she has to admit that some of the yuri pairings are actually cute
  • Apparently she also ships Lesbeans.