Anzu Sayaka (さやか あんず, Sayaka Anzu) is a minor character in Chlorine Grown Roses and a maid at Azusa's mansion.

Appearance. Edit

Anzu had dark skin and long, layered crimson hair. Her eye color is of a light teal.

As a maid of the Tachibana estate she wears a short, skimpy maid uniform with black stockings and white shoes.

History Edit

Anzu has been working for the Tachibanas in America for at least three years.

After Azusa's parents are murdered, she turns emotionless to and starts ignoring Azusa. During the course of the story, Anzu is killed by Chiasa Tachibana at an unknown time.

Trivia Edit

  • Her hair style is supposed to resemble a crossdresser's from a currently unknown game.
  • She can bake very delicious and moist cakes