Chapter 1: Misterious Rose Letter [sic] is the first chapter of Chlorine Grown Roses. It introduces Azusa Tachibana, her backstory and her relation to Makoto Tachibana, who doesn't make a direct appearance yet.


Azusa introduces herself, telling the audience that she used to get bullied at school for her unusual eyes. She also adds that she’s skipped two grades. She was born in America and lives in a mansion because she's rich, but one year ago in that very mansion her parents were murdered. Even though Azusa still griefs over it, she apparently never considered leaving.

One day an envelope arrives near the door, containing a letter and a black rose. The color reminds Azusa of her mom's hair and she cries. The letter is written by her cousin Makoto who tells Azusa to fly to Japan with an included ticket and bring the rose. There’s also a photo of him, whose eyes remind Azusa of her Dad. Tears ensue yet again. She decides to follow suit, packs her things and goes to sleep.


(Main Article: Azusa's Wardrobe)

Azusa wears her usual outfit, "a short black dress with a silver cross on the front, long black socks and black boots with skulls on them".


  • Azusa cried 2 times in this chapter.
  • There is only one clothing description in this chapter.
  • She mentions her parents four times, two of which reduce her to tears quickly thereafter.