Chapter 2: Black Rose Connecting is the second chapter of Chlorine Grown Roses. Azusa arrives in Japan and starts living with her cousin's family.

Summary Edit

Azusa takes a plane to Japan and meets her cousin Makoto for the first time in person at the airport. As they walk home together, they converse about Iwatobi and their family. Makoto accidentally makes Azusa cry as he absent-mindedly reminds her of her parents' demise. She calls the person responsible for the murder a truly evil person.

When they reach the Tachibana estate, they are greeted by Makoto's parents and are quick to have supper together with Makoto's little siiblings. Ms.Tachibana informs Azusa that she has already enrolled her at the local high school. After dinner Azusa immediately goes to bed because she's tired from the long day

Clothes Edit

(Main Article: Azusa's Wardrobe)

It's (unusually) not stated which clothes Azusa is wearing; judging by the cover image, however, it's assumed she wears the same outfit as in the previous chapter.

Statistics Edit

  • Azusa cried two times in this chapter
    • both times she was either thinking about or reminded of her parents, causing her to sob
  • This is one of the very few chapters without even a single clothing description.