Chiasa Tachibana (橘 ちあさ, Tachibana Chiasa) is a main antagonist in Chlorine Grown Roses. Not much is known about her backstory or her motivations, and many of the details about her are surrounded in mystery.
C34 Card

Chiasa's silhouette (to the right), featured in Chapter 34's cover image

Appearance Edit

Chiasa has blood red eyes with an upside-down broken heart in her left eye. Her hair is straight, of medium length, and white in color, save for a blonde streak in her bangs (this is said to be the result of hair dye, as her natural hair color is black). She also has pale skin and freckles.

In her first appearance, she wears a white tanktop, a gray short skirt, and red 'tennant shoes."

History Edit

According to Kimmy's investigations, Chiasa committed a series of crimes in the span of the last ten years. Her crimes include the arson of the Thompson's house, the murder of Azusa's parents, the murder of Homura Tomuson and the murder of the recently deceased Anzu Sayaka. Her whereabouts were unknown past a few comments from her boyfriend Masahiko Kurusu.

Azusa's dream sequence in Chapter 25 involves a girl with blood red eyes, who is most likely Chiasa.

She was unseen until she made her first appearance after Azusa's second swim meet, wherein she shoves Azusa to the ground and begins threatening her with a knife. Masahiko interrupts this encounter and fends Chiasa off so Azusa can run, getting himself badly hurt while Azusa calls the police. By the time the police arrive, however, Chiasa and Masahiko are both gone.

Relationships Edit

Masahiko Kurusu Edit

According to Masahiko, they are a couple and have been dating for some while. With the events of Chapter 34, however, their relationship status is currently unknown.

The Yakuza Edit

Chiasa is part of the yakuza and thought to be in the a quite powerful position, which is supported by the fact she's dating a high-ranking yakuza member.

Azusa Tachibana Edit

Azusa is her cousin and apparently is hated on by her for no given reason.

Akira Tomuson Edit

It's unkown if and what she had against Akira, and if the fire she caused at Akira's house had any particular meaning.

Makoto Tachibana Edit

Makoto is Chiasa's cousin, but unlike her position towards Azusa she doesn't seem to have an ill will against him and leaves him be. Whether she knows about his Yandere tendencies is unknown.

Trivia Edit

  • Originally, she was supposed to be named Chiaki.
  • Some theorize that she disguises herself as Chiriko Kasane, but this has yet to be seen.