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This wiki documents the masterpiece that is Chlorine Grown Roses. Chlorine Grown Roses is a Free! Iwatobi Swim Club fanfic written by SonicXKimmy172 on DeviantART and You may also visit our sister wiki, which deals with a Steven Universe fan fiction that beta reader and friend of the CGR author, AkiTommichan, is writing.

Story  Edit

Chlorine Grown Roses centers around the 15-year-old main character, Azusa Kimber Tachibana. After her parents were mysteriously murdered a year ago, young Azusa lives in a constant state of mourning inside her American mansion. However, one day, she receives an envelope in the mail containing a black rose and a letter from her apparent cousin, Makoto Tachibana, who has heard of her plight and invites her to move to Japan and live with his family. As the story progresses, we meet a wide variety of original characters (OCs) from both SonicxKimmy172 herself and her beta reader, Akitommichan, along with Free!'s various canon characters.

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