Conchita Fuentes (コンチタ・フーエンテス, Konchita Fuuentesu) is a character in Chlorine Grown Roses. She's introduced in chapter 19 along with her friends in the mental hospital. She's from Chile and sixteen years old.

Appearance Edit

Conchita has tan skin and black hair that she ties into a short ponytail or dangos sometimes. Her eyes are pink and green, usually accompanied by eyeliner. Occasionally she also wears hipster glasses.

Personality Edit

While at first she only fangirled about Yami and Shatter, she revealed at Azusa's swim 'meat' that she's quite the fighter, chases off Chiriko and offers to give Azusa lessons on throwing sucker punches.

History Edit

Conchita grew up in Chile and was one of six siblings. Her parents died for an unknown reason, leaving the children on their own and forcing them to live on the streets. They were bullied by classmates and other people on the streets for it. At one point, one of Conchita's siblings was killed by a gang member. But Conchita is proud of the "hella great" fighting skills she's gotten from it.

Relationships Edit

Azusa Tachibana Edit

She cares for and protects Azusa in her own way, by throwing insults at Chiriko and offer teaching punching lessons.

Shatter Nymphnight Edit

She ships him with his boyfriend and gets pretty excited when talking about the relationship the two boys have.

Yami Yagami Edit

While Conchita does blush when Yami flips his hair and Azusa explain it's because he's supposedly so sexy, she doesn't try making a move on him or anything.

Trivia Edit

  • There are a few guesses as to where her name might come from
    • Since SonicXKimmy172 is a known vocaloid fan, it's assumed she got the name from Conchita the Epicurean Daughter of Evil, sung by meiko who plays the titular woman on her quest to taste anything on the world no matter how gross or morally wrong it may be
    • Alternately, the winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is called Conchita Wurst