Hitomi Wish Styles (ひとみ・ウイシュ・スタイルス, Hitomi Uishu Sutairusu) is a character in Chlorine Grown Roses.

Appearance Edit

Hitomi has short blonde hair tied in a small ponytail with light pink stripes in it and one of her bangs covers her left eye. She has light skin and her eyes are a hue of pink and blue.

Her casual garments include a black shirt with long pink-black striped sleeves and a pink cat head print in the chest area, a pink skirt, light rose tights and black boots. Additionally, she always carries her pink bag which has three pin-up buttons on it.

When going to school, she wears the L'eau De Rose Junior High School Uniform which consists of a white seifuku and a navy blue bow. She wears matching thighs and brown shoes.

Skills Edit

Drawing Edit

Hitomi is a fairly adept artist, being able to draw really good looking porn of gay men.

Majic Edit

Hitomi possesses magical powers that haven't been fully explained yet. They are very powerful and can left ferris wheels, however, they are hard to control and frequently break lose.

History Edit

Hitomi was born in France. She attended the L'eau de Rose Elementary School there and everything went fine until she went to a carneval with her parents when she was ten years old. Her magic went out of control and broke the ferris wheel they were on, killing her parents in the process.

The authorities at L'eau de Rose arranged for Hitomi to go to the L'eau de Rose Junior High branch in Japan because it's a boarding school. Everything seemed to be fine again, until her magic breaks loose again. She's then assigned to a renowned mental hospital, where her pleas of self-guilt are heard after one month of being there.

Relationships Edit

Azusa Tachibana Edit

Hitomi meets Azusa in the mental hospital. After telling her her story, Azusa comforts her and they bacome friends. Azusa feels a little guilty about their friendship though, because she doesn't know how to tell Hitoi about Akira.

Kimmy Sakura Edit

Hitomi looks up to Kimmy and is upset that Kimmy hardly ever stays in the dorms because of her work as detective.

Trivia Edit

  • Even though her creator is called Lily, the author of Chlorine Grown Roses refers to her too as Hitomi
  • Hitomi is described as having a Dangan Ronpa themed pin, although Chlorine Grown Roses takes place in 2008 and the first game in Dangan Ronpa came out in 2010.