Homura Thompson (トームソン・ほむら, Tomuson Homura) is a minor character in Chlorine Grown Roses and presumably Akira's only family.

Appearance Edit

She has long and choppy dark purple hair and wears glasses. Nothing else is ever mentioned about her wardrobe and to date there is a lack of official pictures of her.

Personality Edit

She likes romance novels and writes HomeStuck fanfiction but contrary to her love for these and sharing them with others, Homura doesn't get along with new people and often believes them to think lowly of her. Due to these insecurities, she quickly resorts to yelling her frustration at other people, including Akira.

Relationships Edit

Akira Tomuson Edit

Akira is Homura's niece and lives together with her. Their relationship might seem not too great as Homura mostly converses in screams, but considering that she only ever really speaks to Akira shows how much she cares for her niece. Doesn't stop Akira from ignoring her aunt though.

Trivia Edit

  • Homura seems to be based on Touko Fukawa from Dangan Ronpa
    • SonicXKimmy172 doesn't like Touko Fukawa though, and every of her ocs that has come in contact with her or a similiar character, was killed off.