Kirumi Kissu (きるみ・きっす, Kirumi Kissu) is a character in Chlorine Grown Roses. She's a 19 year old idol but poses on stage as 15. She's introduced in chapter 41.

Appearance Edit

She has long lavender hair with two almost equally long sidebangs, of which one has a blonde streak running through it. Usually she puts her hair into pigtails with two small purple bows while letting the rest of her hair trail to her butt. She wears pinkish-purple contacts with glitter on them and a purple heart in them.

Her stage outfit consists of a lavender plaid dress with a frilly white petticoat under it combined with a light vest, purple gloves with white frilly ends and matching boots.

Relationships Edit

Tom Miura Edit

Miura proclaims himself as the biggest fan of the idol, although he doesn't exactly keep track of her concerts and shows. He's aware that Kirumi is much older than her official stage age, however, he refuses to acknowledge that fact.

Azusa Tachibana Edit

Azusa has only heard of her but thinks she's a disgusting bimbo. When she sees her perform on stage, she can't help but be appalled by her light, sparkly appearance. As she realizes that Kirumi has a blonde streak in her hair, Azusa accuses her of being her cousin Chiasa in disguise.

Trivia Edit

  • If her name was written in katakana it would translate to Kill Me Kiss
  • Kirumi seems to be the first character that wears light and pastel clothes as opposed to the goth and emo style the main characters wear, which is possibly the reason Azusa loathes her