Gou Matsuoka (松岡 江 Matsuoka Gō, better known in this fic as Ko(u)) is a character in Free! and Chlorine Grown Roses. She is the younger sister of Rin Matsuoka and the manager of the swim team.

Appearance Edit

Kou is described as having rose coloured hair by Azusa. She can be assumed to look the way she does in the original Free! anime.

Personality Edit

Kou generally acts the same as she does in the anime, except now she shops at Hot Topic and likes Vocaloid.

History Edit

Note: This section will only contain Kou's history in Chlorine Grown Roses, and not Free! itself.

Kou's first appearance is in chapter 3 when she finds Azusa crying in the girls' bathroom. Kou introduces herself to Azusa, and then suddenly changes the conversation to Makoto Tachibana. Azusa asks Kou if she's dating Makoto, but soon says that she's sure that he's "gay for Haru". Soon the girls' conversation ends and they walk back to class together.

At swim practice, Kou gets into and argument with Nagisa since he won't stop calling her Gou. Azusa tells Nagisa to call her Kou, and he agrees and stops calling her Gou. Kou then thanks Azusa for getting him to stop.

Makoto then announces that Azusa and Rei are both new members, and Kou says that she's glad to have her on the swim team. After a brief moment, Nagisa runs in and tells Kou that he found one of Rin's training items. When Nagisa said that, he referred to Kou as Gou again and then they started to argue. Azusa interrupts and says "Wait Kou you have a brother?". Kou says that she does, indeed, have a brother. She tells Azusa that his name is Rin and he goes to Samezuka. Kou then takes out a picture of Rin and shows it to Azusa. Azusa immediately falls in love with him, as Kou fangirls over the boys' muscles.

Kou, after being absent for nine chapters, is found at Hot Topic with Akira. Kou expresses her love for Vocaloid there.

Another nine chapters later, Azusa, Hitomi and the other patients at the mental hospital receive a note from a certain KM that asks them to meet this mystery person at three am of the next day. When the person shows up, Azusa believes her to be Kou because of her red hair, but it is soon revealed to be a wig worn by Masahiko.

Relationships Edit

Azusa Kimber Tachibana Edit

Kou seems to be friends with Azusa, inviting her to the swim team and telling her that if she needs anything, she'll always be there for her. However, Kou has been absent in many chapters.

Trivia Edit

  • Kou, along with Kisumi, is the only canon character to have been drawn by SonicXKimmy172.

References Edit

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