L'eau De Rose Academy (full name L'eau de Rose Private Junior High for Intellectually Gifted Girls) is a highly regarded French academy. It is an all-girls school, and it is only reserved for very talented and exceptional students. As of now, there is not much known about it.

School RulesEdit

  1. The dress code demands that female students wear the L'eau de Rose Junior High School uniform, a white seifuku with navy blue accents and a matching bow. They are free to combine it with any kind of leg garment and foot wear they want.
  2. Students, particularly Kimmy, are not allowed to follow any detective work or investigational research in the dormitory. This probably extends to other occupations. However, the students are allowed to job if they keep it out of the dorms (example: Kimmy)
  3. Students who want to enter L'eau de Rose Junior High must either A) pass an exceptionally difficult entrance exam or B) graduate from the L'eau de Rose Elementary School.
  4. It's very possible that students at L'eau de Rose are often younger than those in other schools due to skipping grades because of their exceptual intellect. So far however, we only know that Kimmy goes to the Junior High despite being only 12.

Students Edit

Branches Edit

  • Japanese boarding school, full name is L'eau de Rose Private Junior High for Intellectually Gifted Girls Japanese Branch

Trivia Edit

  • L'eau De Rose Academy resembles that of Hope's Peak Academy from Dangan Ronpa
    • It also resembles Kunugigaoka Junior High School from Assassination Classroom due to its strict rules and exams to get accepted into the school
    • CCC commented the first time the school was mentioned that it might be a X-Men rip-off of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
  • According to the fanfic's author, SonicXKimmy172, Azusa could enroll there if she wanted to.
  • "L'eau De Rose Academy" translates to "Rose Water Academy", with "L'eau de rose" being the French for "rose water". It is known as a type of cologne.