Lilly-chan is a real life friend of SonicxKimmy172. How much she's actually involved with Chlorine Grown Roses is unknown.

About Edit

Lilly-chan is twelve years old and doesn't have a deviantart nor a account, but she still writes fan fiction on her own.

Even though SonicxKimmy172 introduced her as Lilly-chan in chapter 18, she frequently refers to her as Hitomi-chan, derived from Lilly's character in Chlorine Grown Roses. She is even credited as Hitomi Styles in the True Love's Story fanime, although she hasn't recorded her lines yet she is supposed to voice Hikari Smith.

Trivia Edit

  • character-critique-central considers it a good thing that Lilly stays off the internet due o her young age
  • in Japan lillies are a symbol of lesbian relationships and are read as ユリ (yuri)