Makoto Tachibana (橘 真琴, Tachibana Makoto) is a character in Free! and Chlorine Grown Roses. He's Azusa's cousin and invites her to stay at his house. At the end of chapter 30, he was announced as dead.

Appearance Edit

Azusa describes him as having green hair and even greener eyes that resemble her father's.

Personality Edit

Makoto was caring and comforting unless you tried to get into his ex-boyfriend's pants.

Relationships Edit

Azusa Tachibana Edit

Azusa is Makoto's cousin whom he invited to Japan. He generally offered her as much help as he can and always tried to comfort her and make sure she's okay. This changed dramatically when Azusa developes a crush on Haru, Makoto's boyfriend, and started to threaten her. He returned to his comforting personality again, though, when Azusa is assigned to the mental hospital, so it's unknown if it was just a facade or genuine concern for her.

Haruka Nanase Edit

Makoto and Haru did form a relationship during Chlorine Grown Roses, however, they did break up on chapter 26, because "it was really awkward".

Chiasa Tachibana Edit

Chiasa is Makoto's cousin. Despite her hate towards Azusa, she didn't seem to have any ill will against Makoto and left him be.