Mariella Russo is a supporting character in Famous Last Words. She is Azusa's room mate and (former) online friend.

Appearance Edit

Mariella is short and has a somewhat childlike appearance. She has fair skin, brown hair with faded purple tips, and brown eyes.

Mariella usually wears a purple hoodie with purple accents, a matching skirt and shoes, loose socks, and a white surgical mask (whether it be on her face or around her neck).

Personality Edit

Not much is known about Mariella, but she appears to have an aloof personality. She is also shown to be somewhat of a hypocrite, calling Azusa out for not wearing her school uniform while she herself was not wearing it, either.

History Edit

Mariella, like Akira, used to be Azusa's online friend before they met in real life. At some point, the two had lost contact, but they regained contact a few weeks prior to the events of Famous Last Words, and Mariella moved in with Azusa.

In Chapter 1 of Famous Last Words, Mariella called Azusa out for not wearing the school uniform. She was later shown as being part of the same class as Azusa.

Relationships Edit

Azusa Tachibana Edit

Azusa is Mariella's room mate, classmate, and former online friend. It is unknown how they met or how they got back into contact.

Trivia Edit

  • Mariella's design and name were revealed on the "CGR2 Concepts" sheet.
  • Mariella does not appear to be friends with Azusa's friends, as she was not shown hanging out with them at lunch in Famous Last Words Chapter 1.