Nagisa Hazuki (葉月 渚, Hazuki Nagisa) is a character in Free! and Chlorine Grown Roses. He's a minor character who mostly just shows up under a different name each time. He is the Yakuza's best member and Masahiko Kurusu and the random buff Yakuza guy are proud of him.

Appearance Edit

Azusa describes him as a blonde shota.

Personality Edit

Nagisa teases the people around him, even if something terrible happened to them (case in point: the incident with Homura). He later reappears as a quiet guy who's in the yakuza.

Relationships Edit

Akira Tomuson Edit

Akira has a crush on Nagisa and confesses her feelings to him, to which he only gives her his phone number.

Kou Matsuoka Edit

He always nags her about her name.

Masehiko Kurusu Edit

Masehiko is Nagisa's superior and probable boss of the yakuza.