SonicXKimmy172 is the author of Chlorine Grown Roses and a fanime called True Love's Story. She's fourteen years old and currently resides in Oklahoma.

Personality Edit

SonicXKimmy172 refers to herself as being a random individual who may shout Waffles for no actual reason. In fact, she dubs "Waffles" and "Doom" as her personal quotes. She usually seems to be very cheerful, unless she doesn't manage to have control of a situation, as seen with her continuous rage when explaining that Azusa is straight.

Preferences Edit

SonicXKimmy172 likes yaoi, Sonic the Hedgehog, the Twilight series and anime in general, for example Hetalia or Free. She's in Team Jacob, ships Sonadow (Sanic x Shadow the Edgehog) as well as SonicxOC, and, according to her devianart profile, prefers zippcast over youtube. Her favorite anime characters are Canada and Togami Byakuya from Hetalia and Dangan Ronpa respectively. Her music taste ranges from Nightcore and Vocaloid songs over to 'emo' bands, though multiple times people pointed out that the bands she counts as such aren't actually emo. Her favorite song is Welcome to the Black Parade by My Chemical Romance (get it on iTunes).

She can't stand yuri and is extremely upset about and opposes the thought of two female characters of CGR (mainly Azusa and Akira) being shipped by fans. She dislikes Sonamy but on a much lesser scale. Her most hate is exclusively reserved for and geared towards character-critique-central, whom she constantly accuses of being mean and bullying her.

Projects Edit

Chlorine Grown Roses Edit

A Free! fan fiction that centers on Azusa Tachibana, who shunned herself in her mansion after her parents were murdered, until she receives a letter from her cousin Makoto. It currently has 33 chapters.

True Love's Story Edit

A fanime about Kimmy Sakura having a romantic involvement with Sonic the Hedgehog. The first episode was supposed to come out in August 2015 but due to voice actor problems has been delayed for an unspecified amount of time. After a barely one-minute long preview of the first episode, there haven't been any updates or mentions of its progress. Only recently it was stated that save for two all voice actors have quit. However, the first episode in itself seems to have been finished already.

Drama Edit

Character-Critique-Central Edit

See the drama page on character-critique-central's entry.

Akitommichan Edit

On July 25, 2016, Akira and Kimmy got into a heated argument on Kimmy's "My blingee!!" deviation between their two new Dangan Ronpa characters. (These are Louiza Chinbotsuten and Kira Kuroichi, respectively.) The argument debated which of the characters was stronger than the other.

It quickly left the sphere of fiction and turned into an all-out flame war between the two. Both parties had their fanfictions torn apart by the other, completely destroying the once-peaceful relationship.

Trivia Edit

  • The 172 in her online handle refers to her British boyfriend's birthday, the 17th February
  • Kimmy Sakura's given name and Azusa Kimber Tachibana's middle name are derived from her given name