Sophie Church (ソフィー・チャーチ, Sofii Chaachi) is a minor Chlorine Grown Roses character. She briefly appeared on Chapter 36, during Shatter Nymphnight's flashback.

Appearance Edit

As seen on the cover image of Chapter 37, Sophie has blue eyes and long, blonde, curly hair.

In the cover image, she was wearing a dress that was heavily inspired by the dress worn by character Meiko "Menma" Honma from the franchise of Ano Hana.

History Edit

Sophie briefly appears on Chapter 37, in a flashback, when Shatter Nymphnight tells his backstory to one of his friends, Azusa Tachibana.


In the flashback, Shatter and Sophie are seen going to a park, without parental supervision, although they both were 8 at the time. They were playing with a "red kush ball", which seems to be an unfortunate misspelling of the phrase "koosh ball".

At one point while playing, the "kush ball" accidentally gets thrown in the street. Unaware of her surroundings, Sophie goes straight into the street to grab the "kush ball", where she is ran over by a car. She dies almost immediately.


Relationships Edit

Shatter Nymphnight Edit

The only relationship Sophie is seen to have is the relationship she has with her friend, Shatter Nymphnight. Shatter is described as to having romantic feelings for Sophie, although Sophie's feelings are undisclosed to everyone but the author.