Tatsuya Himawari (ひまわり たつや, Himawari Tatsuya) is a minor character in Chlorine Grown Rises and works at the mental hospital. He only appears in the Valentine's Special released after the final chapter.

Appearance Edit

Tatsuya is a dark tanned, tall man with dark blue hair and similarly colored eyes. In his only appearance he wears a black polo shirt, black pants and a red lanyard around his neck.

Personality Edit

Azusa describes him as being somewhat similar to Kisumi Shigino. He is rather popular with his patients; we don't know if that is solely because of his apparent 'cuteness' or his actual work he does at the mental hospital.

Relationships Edit

Conchita Fuentes Edit

Conchita seems to have an unrequited crush on him and absolutely wanted to give him Valentine's chocolate even after his girlfriend showed up.

Kiyoko Edit

Tatsuya is in a relationship with a girl named Kiyoko. Nothing else is known about them.

Trivia Edit