Yamamoto (やまもと, Yamamoto) is the name of a yakuza member who first appeared in chapter 17. There's not much known about him, not even his appearance has been revealed so far.

Description Edit

Azusa describes him as big, 'super' tall and 'musely'. He wears a black suit and scary sunglasses, not fitting into the mental hospital at all according to Azusa.

History Edit

He first appears in chapter 17 where Azusa walks into him and spills her glass of water all over her top. She's intimidated when she sees how he's towering above her. He yells at her before Masahiko takes care of the situation.

The next time he is seen in chapter 37 in a side alley.

Trivia Edit

  • His return in chapter 37 might be related to the fact that he was kind of popular with some fans