Warning: There are Chlorine Grown Roses spoilers on this page. Read at your own risk.

Yami Yagami (やがみやみ, Yagami Yami) is a character in Chlorine Grown Roses. He's introduced in chapter 19 along with his friends in the mental hospital. He's from Japan and fifteen years old.

Appearance Edit

Yami has dark green hair with black streaks going through them. His eyes are blue.

Personality Edit

Yami is described as tsundere. He tries to keep up a "cool" exterior. In chapter 21, he shows himself to be very protective of his lover, Shatter, and will do all he can to get him out of danger's way. He is also bi. In chapter 37 Azusa discovers that he's part of the yakuza but in chapter 38, it is revealed that he was actually just spying on them to save Shatter. In the same chapter, Yami got shot in the head, killing him instantly.

History Edit

Yami's mother has been sick and died shortly after his father went missing. He lived lone with his little sister Ruruka until he had a breakdown and went to the mental hospital where he met Shatter. Yami himself states his world changed when he met him, but inside he was still hurting and hoped he'd be able to one day see his father again.

Relationships Edit

Shatter Nymphnight Edit

The two only boys in the group are dating and randomly make out during Masahiko's torture, despite Shatter being very embarrassed about it in the aftermath. They met in the mental hospital where Yami decided to stay another month despite being able to leave already, just so he could spend time with his boyfriend. Later, however, Yami breaks up with Shatter offscreen for unspecified reasons.

Yamamoto Edit

Yami doesn't seem to be very fond of him, but since he joined nly recently after being pressured, he's most likely his subordinate.

Azusa Tachibana Edit

Yami doesn't seem to care too greatly for her, as he easily agrees to help Chiasa with her plans.

Trivia Edit

  • Yami Yagami is likely named after Yu-Gi-Oh!'s Yami Yugi, and Death Note's Light Yagami.